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Suzhou industry park Yacoo chemical reagent Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2003; Business scope : R&D、production、and sales of clinical diagnostic reagents 、pharmaceutical intermediate and electronic chemicals. 
New biological buffers series, such as BIS-TRIS propane,BIS-TRIS etc., were developed and manufactured. They were promoted to the market successfully to achieve exports of more than 3 million RMB.
The headquarter moved into Biobay。 
Entitles with "Suzhou High-tech Enterprise";
In Oct ,Beijing office was put into operation formally
ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Yacoo was awarded two patents for inventions, a “Suzhou High-tech products” and “ provincial high-tech products” ; R & D center was extended to 3000 square meters, which to become a Small and medium test base of research and development of Yacoo
In February , Yacoo become the first pilot enterprises financial innovation in Biobay ,Suzhou Industrial Park;
In June, Yacoo completed shareholding-system reform and officially changed the name into Suzhou Yacoo Chemical Reagent Corporation;
In October,Shanghai、Ji'nan 、Guangzhou offices were put into operation formally.
Completed the first round of equity financing;To be entitled Jiangsu private-owned Science and technology enterprise, Obtained one high-tech product certification in Jiangsu province.
Yacoo was awarded: "national high-tech enterprise",  Vice president of the unit of Suzhou High-tech Enterprises Association, Vice president of the unit of Suzhou Suqian Chamber of Commerce
Headquarters entry in No. 17 Jinhai Road, Industrial Park , R&D center was expanded to 5000 square meters . 
Element mall was launched Operation officially.
Two projects from Jiangsu Industrial Technology Support and the National Innovation Fund were approved. Yacoo was selected as key enterprise for Jiangsu Pre-IPO enterprises.
The company changed its name to Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd.
Merger and acquisition of Shandong Andot New Material Technology Co., Ltd.