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Suzhou industry park Yacoo chemical reagent Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2003; Business scope : R&D、production、and sales of clinical diagnostic reagents 、pharmaceutical intermediate and electronic chemicals. 


In 2005, through independent research and production, new biological buffers were introduced to the market formally: including bis-tris-propane、bis-tris, and Yacoo achieve more than 300 million on exports in 2005.


In 2007,Yacoo responded positively to the call of Suzhou government industrial policy, we  conducted a strategic adjustments,then we settled our company headquarters in National bio-nano-industry base — bio-nano -technology industrial park。 


Our company won the "Suzhou High-tech Enterprise"; In Oct ,Beijing office was put into operation formally。ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.


In 2009,Yacoo was awarded two patents for inventions, a “Suzhou High-tech products” and “ provincial high-tech products” ; At the same time, our company expanded Southern Industrial Square whose area of 3000 square meters, which to become a Small and medium test base of research and development of yacoo。


In Feb. 2010  , become the first pilot enterprises financial innovation in Biological nano science and Technology Industrial Park ,Suzhou Industrial Park。In June, 2010, Yacoo completed a joint-stock reform and officially changed the name into Suzhou Yacoo Chemical Reagent Corporation。In Oct. 2010,Shanghai、Ji'nan 、Guangzhou offices of our company were put into operation formally.


In 2011,Yacoo was awarded for the first round of equity financing。Won two Honor: "private enterprises in Jiangsu province" and" identification of high-tech products in Jiang su province ".


In 2012,Yacoo was awarded: "national high-tech enterprise",  Vice president of the unit of Suzhou High-tech Enterprises Association, Vice president of the unit of Suzhou Suqian Chamber of Commerce。Headquarters entry in Jin hai Road No. 17, Industrial Park , R&D center expanded to 5000 square meters .  B2 star was launched Operation officially.


In 2013 ,Yacoo won Jiangsu Science and Technology Support Projects,also won  item of National Innovation Fund ,and was elected into the library of to-be-listed enterprises, directly supported by the government of Jiangsu province.


In 2014 ,1.Obtained a RMB two million investment by Suzhou Economic Development Bureau.
          2.Sales continued to grow at a high rate of 39 percent