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Suzhou Industrial Park Finance Bureau carry out the "six one" visit to Yacoo

15 June 2017

  On the morning of June 15, 2017, Ms. Yao Qing, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Finance Bureau, came to our company to carry out the "six one" visit, and conducted a discussion and exchange with the representatives of Suzhou Yacoo.
  Under the guidance of General Manager Zhang Fang, the investigating team visit the company first. In the subsequent meeting, Ms. Yao Qing introduced the overall requirements and specific programs of "six one" visit. Since the "Six one" grass-roots visits carried out, Suzhou Industrial Park Finance Bureau has started from the real financial work, identified the entry point and focus of the work, gone deep into business to know the truth and make some differences. Ms. Yao said that they will learn more about the current production and operation of the enterprise and cutting-edge technology layout, listen to the views and suggestions of enterprises to help enterprises solve problems.
  Ms. Zhang Fang, general manager of Suzhou Yacoo, expressed gratitudes to the guidance and support of Suzhou Industrial Park Finance Bureau for a long time, and said that Yacoo will continue to innovate, pragmatic struggle, lean management, and constantly promote the industry's progress, and use the practical action to return the society and government.