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Existing reaction of EDOT and forecast

2016-01-20 来源:亚科官网
Keywords: EDOT, 126213-50-1, electronic chemistry
EDOT is a kind of organic synthesis materials, which is currently mainly used in the synthesis of PEDOT, in order to use in the field of electronic chemistry. Whether there are other applications? We will analyze its property according to its structure.
Figure 1. EDOT
First, as an unsaturated compound, it can react with H2 under the conditions of catalyst to produce tetrahydrodine EDOT. (The reason for this is that the benzene ring reacts with hydrogen to form cyclohexane and the thiophene is also aromatic and can also be added). The catalysts may be palladium carbon, nickel, platinum and so on.
Second, as the organic matter containing hydrogen, it is generally possible to react with the halogen.
The different catalyst may affect the location of the replacement, such as nitric acid as a catalyst, the catalytic position is in the thiophene ring, and under light, the substitution position will appear on the ether ring. And EDOT is a symmetrical structure, hydrogen on the molecule only has two kinds of chemical environment.
The structure of EDOT can be divided into a thiophene ring and an ethylene ether. As ring ether, it can form ring-opening addition reaction with acid halide.
There are polymerization reaction, that is, as PEDOT monomer.
The route is based on the hydrogen activity on thiophene sulfur temporary carbon is relatively high, it can occur polymerization in the catalyst conditions to generate PEDOT.
Notice: All above are theoretical forecast.
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