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Product Name:阿德福韦酯
Name(En):Adefovir dipivoxil
Alternative name:阿德福韦酯;9-[2-[双(新戊酰氧基)甲氧基]磷酰甲氧基]乙基-腺嘌呤;阿德伏韦酯;阿德福韦酯片;阿德幅韦二脂;阿地福韦双吡呋酯;阿的福韦酯;阿地福韦酯
Product No: Formula:C19H30N5O7P
Weight: 471.4446 Hacceptors: 
Hdonors:  TDF: 
Clogp:  Violations: 
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  • Physicochemical Properties

  • Safety Informations

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  • Appearance:
    White to white crystalline powder.
  • MP/BP:
    The melting point of 98-102 ° C
  • Assay/specification:
  • Purpose:
    Has a broad spectrum antiviral activity and can be used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis b
    Approved description: a kind of used to treat hepatitis b nucleoside analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
  • Storage: