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Corporate Mission: To continuously promote the technological improvement and innovation of medical and chemical material.

Core Values:Integrity and Appreciation, Obligation and Diligence, Practicability and Fighting, Innovation and Excellence.

Corporate Slogon: Wish to enjoy high reputation in the field of medical and chemical material over the world! 

Corporate Values

To customers: Focus on providing customers with better products and more convenient, more cost-performance services;

To employees:To provide staff with a decent job and a platform to fully achieve self-worth, unremittingly promote and help employees learn, grow, and strive to enhance the integrated literacy and life realm;

To shareholders: To promote the steady development of enterprises, continue to enhance the corporation value, and build the harmonious relationship between shareholders and management;

To suppliers: committed to develop the partnership of mutual benefit and win-win result, and construct an integrated strategic collaborative ecosystem;

To the society: Strive to provide more valuable products and services for the society; fulfill social responsibility actively, participate in charity, to nurture the community with practical action and excellent performance.


Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises. Adhering to the value proposition of responsibility, innovation, cooperation and win-win, Yacoo continues to meet customers’ needs and promotes progress of medical materials industry in China. "The great merit, because of the great ambition; The great success, because of the hard work", Yacoo is forging ahead with determination to make our dream integrate into the Chinese dream of realizing the great revival of Chinese nation. We are determined to become a vital force to boost the rise of national enterprises and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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