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        Synthesis has been one of the themes of chemistry. With the continuous expansion of the chemical development direction,a wide variety of compounds need to be synthesized. Custom synthesis services gradually became the focus of today's chemistry. To be expected, with the continuous progress of the times, custom synthesis will be increasingly important.
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        Based on the rich experience in organic synthesis for many years and strong R&D team, Suzhou Yacoo started up custom synthesis service in 2008. So far, the R & D team consists of more than 30 people with bachelor, master and doctorate degree which led by several doctors. Yacoo Science has cooperated with the Nanjing University, Hunan Normal University, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nano and other Universities and Enterprises. Yacoo Science also has an excellent QC team and advanced detection equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, optical detector etc., and all the products are strictly controlled to meet customer requirements.
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