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Product Name:亚硝基谷胱甘肽
Alternative name:GSNO
Product No:Y0200 Formula:C10H16N4O7S
Weight: 336.322 Hacceptors: 
Hdonors:  TDF: 
Clogp:0.0  Violations: 
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  • Physicochemical Properties

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  • Appearance:
    Pink powder
  • MP/BP:
    MP:>170°C (dec.)
  • Assay/specification:
  • Purpose:
    S-Nitrosoglutathione (GSNO), an amino acid nitric oxide donor, when under physiological conditions spontaneously releases nitric oxide. In research it has been observed to selectively inhibit platelet activation and display cardioprotective effects. This product also inhibits NF-κB activation, endothelial cell proliferation and cathepsin B (cysteine proteases). GNSO has demonstrated dose dependent effects on Thymocytes by inducing apoptosis in T cells in low concentrations (< 0.6 mM), while protecting T cells from apoptosis in higher concentrations (1-2 mM).
  • Storage:
    -20℃ ,avoid to light