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Guanidine Isothiocyanate|CAS:593-84-0|Effervescent Tablet and Its Preparation Method

2021-09-27 来源:亚科官网

Guanidine isothiocyanate is mainly used in the field of biomedicine to denature and lyse cells and extract RNA and DNA. At present, the guanidine isothiocyanate virus preservation solution is prepared by the manufacturer and dispersed to the destination through logistics. Leakage often occurs during the transportation process, and due to the large volume and heavy quality, the transportation cost is high. Therefore, the development of biological sample preservatives with small size, light weight, and convenient use is of great significance to the collection of biological samples with infectious risks. Effervescent technology is a new preparation technology developed in recent years. The acid and alkali in the agent react with water to generate a large amount of CO2 gas, which promotes the rapid disintegration and dissolution of the tablet, and achieves the purpose of rapid drug release. Next, The editor introduces an effervescent tablet with guanidine isothiocyanate as a functional component and its preparation method. The specific preparation method is as follows:

(1) Place nicotinamide and citric acid solid powder at a molar ratio of 2:1 in an electric grinder with stainless steel balls, and grind for 20-40 minutes at a frequency of 25-35 Hz to obtain a co-crystal of nicotinamide and citric acid,dried and passed through an 80-mesh sieve to obtain the eutectic powder of nicotinamide and citric acid, which shall be kept in a sealed airtight for later use.

(2) The sodium bicarbonate particles passed through the 80-mesh sieve are roasted in a rotary heating furnace at 120℃-140℃ for 10-30 minutes to obtain sodium bicarbonate particles coated with sodium carbonate on the surface, and stored in an airtight manner at room temperature for later use.

(3) Pass guanidine isothiocyanate, surfactant (N-lauroyl sarcosinate sodium), binder (at least one of polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 and polyethylene glycol 6000) and lactose through 80 mesh sieve respectively, Kept tightly closed for later use.

(4) Take 50%-60% guanidine isothiocyanate, 10%-20% nicotinamide and citric acid eutectic powder, 15%-30% sodium bicarbonate particles coated with sodium carbonate on the surface, 0.2 %~0.5% surface active agent, 1%~3% binder, 5%~10% lactose and 0.00%~0.02% pigment (phenol red), mix evenly, press tablets to obtain a guanidine isothiocyanate foam Teng film.

The method uses the eutectic powder prepared by nicotinamide and citric acid as the acid agent, the hygroscopicity is obviously reduced, the stability is greatly improved, and the instability of the product caused by the hygroscopicity of citric acid during the compression and storage of the effervescent tablet is avoided; Sodium bicarbonate particles coated with sodium carbonate on the surface are used as the alkali agent. Sodium bicarbonate is decomposed by heating to form a layer of sodium carbonate, and the hygroscopicity of sodium carbonate is significantly lower than that of sodium bicarbonate, and the stability is greatly improved. At the same time, the sodium bicarbonate inside the particles still has a good gas production effect in the water; the preparation process does not require special environmental temperature and humidity control, and can ensure the smooth progress of tablet compression.


CN112375844A Guanidine isothiocyanate effervescent tablet and preparation method

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