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Application of Tris |CAS:77-86-1|in the field of phase change energy storage composites

2022-02-17 来源:亚科官网

Phase change material refers to a kind of smart material that can absorb or release heat when a substance undergoes a phase change, while the temperature of the substance itself does not change or changes little. This kind of material is widely used in solar energy, building energy saving, constant temperature clothing, and other fields. According to the phase change process, phase change materials are mainly divided into solid-solid phase change materials, solid-liquid phase change materials, solid-gas phase change materials, and liquid-gas phase change materials. CN101701145A introduces a solid-solid phase change material. In this patent, Tris is a phase change material of polyols, and the specific preparation method is as follows:

1. Mechanically pulverize and sieve Tris to make the particle size less than 5000μm;

2. Mix 40g Tris, 36g cured phenyl silicone resin at room temperature, 20g Fe3O4 and 4g Zinc naphthenate curing agent powder evenly, spread evenly in the mold, and press and shape at room temperature at 5MPa after closing the mold , and then remove the mold and take out the prefabricated block.

3. After curing the prefabricated block at room temperature for 48 hours, the Tris/Cure Phenyl Silicone Resin phase change composites is obtained.

The above preparation method undergoes a solid-solid phase transition at 407K, the phase transition enthalpy is large, the phase transition temperature is stable, and the cycle performance is good.


CN101701145A A kind of polyol solid-solid phase change composite material and preparation method.

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