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Application of Tris |CAS:77-86-1|in the field of air purification

2022-03-02 来源:亚科官网

Tris is an important biological buffer and is widely used in the preparation of buffers in biochemistry and molecular biology. CN107626150A introduces the application of Tris in the field of air purification. In this field, Tris is used to modify activated carbon to efficiently adsorb and decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC. The specific preparation method is as follows:

1. Weigh 50 parts of powdered activated carbon, 1 part of amphoteric polyacrylamide, and 2 parts of sodium bicarbonate by weight and put them in a high-speed mixing mixer to fully mixing, and then send them into a twin-screw extruder through a metering device. Under conveying, shearing and kneading, the material is compounded, and then extruded, drawn, cooled, and pelletized to obtain pellets. The extruder temperature is 200°C, and the screw speed is 200r/min;

2. Disperse the particles in deionized water to form a suspension, add an ammonium chloride solution containing 3 parts ammonium chloride with a mass fraction of 8% and Tris mixed buffer containing 2 parts Tris with a mass fraction of 5% Tris, mixed and stirred for 30 minutes, and cured to obtain a composite aldehyde removal filter material.

The preparation method reduces the material cost through the functional composite granular filter material, realizes the reuse of waste materials, and improves the comprehensive performance of the filter material.

Through the mixing and extrusion of a variety of powder materials, the functional composite granular filter material is realized. Effectively improve the removal rate of formaldehyde and the removal effect under low concentration conditions.


CN107626150A, a compound type aldehyde removal filter material and preparation method thereof.

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