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CAS:68399-77-9| The Application of MOPSO in analytical technology

2024-03-19 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:MOPSO
CAS:    68399-77-9
Molecular Formula:C7H15NO5S
Article No.:    M0003
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Mopso is a zwitterionic bio buffering reagent with a structure similar to MOPS and an effective pH range of 6.2-7.6. MOPSO is mainly used as a biological buffer for biochemical research.
Application of MOPSO
Chemiluminescence immunoassay is a type of immunoassay method that directly labels antibodies or antigens with chemiluminescent agents. Acridine ester chemiluminescent agents are currently one of the common markers. At present, mainstream chemiluminescence analyzers in the market have their own standards for setting the luminescence characteristic curve of the marker during the detection process. Instrument manufacturers usually set fixed luminescence curve reading and judgment conditions inside the instrument, and use suitable excitation solutions to generate a luminescence characteristic curve that can be correctly interpreted by the instrument. In actual chemiluminescence immunoassay operations, when the instrument identifies a luminescence characteristic curve that does not match the set value, it will report issues such as "background reading exceeding the specification and unable to be measured" and "failure to perform detection, failure to activate reading". This leads to the inability of reagents from different manufacturers to match each other, resulting in high reagent prices and even forming monopolies. Therefore, developing an additive that can improve the chemiluminescence characteristic curve to achieve the use of commonly used acridine ester raw materials can meet their respective luminescence characteristic requirements under different instrument setting parameters, thus being compatible with detection on different testing platforms. CN116027019A patent provides an additive for chemiluminescence immunoassay, which comprises three parts: reagent R1, preservative, and buffer.
Reagent R1 is one or more of dimethylpolysiloxane, dimethylsilicone oil, hydroxysilicone oil, polyether type polysiloxane, or nano silica;
The preservative is a type of Proclin300, sodium azide, Kaisong or gentamicin;
The buffer solution is one of MES, PIPES, MOPSO, MOPS, HEPES, HEPPSO or EPPS buffer solutions, with a concentration of 10-100mM and a pH of 6.0-8.0.
The additive provided in this patent for chemiluminescence immunoassay reagents can be used in acridine ester chemiluminescence immunoassay systems. The additive can be used to dilute labeling reagents containing acridine ester conjugated antibodies, improve the luminescence characteristic curve of acridine ester compounds in direct chemiluminescence systems, generate more light signals in a short period of time, and reduce non-specific signals outside of immune reactions, Improve the cleaning effect of acridine ester compounds that have not participated in the reaction, and meet the requirement of improving the sensitivity and precision of the detection system.

CN116027019A  An additive for chemiluminescence immunoassay and its use.

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