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CAS:68399-77-9| The Application of MOPSO in Biomedicine

2024-03-19 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:MOPSO
CAS:    68399-77-9
Molecular Formula:C7H15NO5S
Article No.:    M0003
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Mopso is a zwitterionic bio buffering reagent with a structure similar to MOPS and an effective pH range of 6.2-7.6. MOPSO is mainly used as a biological buffer for biochemical research.
Application of MOPSO
Y-27632 is an efficient, cell permeable, reversible, and selective Rho related protein kinase inhibitor. Its functions mainly include: (1) selectively inhibiting smooth muscle calcium sensitivity and blocking its contraction, preventing Rho induced and p160ROCK mediated cell tension fiber formation; (2) Reduce blood pressure in several hypertensive rat models; (3) Protecting Ehrlich ascites cancer mice from tumor formation; (4) Prevent intrahepatic metastasis of liver cancer.
Classic hallucinogens are a class of psychoactive substances that act on 5-HT receptors, mainly inducing sensory and emotional changes as well as hallucinogenic effects by activating the 5-HT2A receptor. Clinical studies have shown that classic hallucinogens have therapeutic potential for various types of depression. However, the hallucinogenic phenomenon induced by classical hallucinogens is one of the main obstacles to its clinical application. At present, there are no reports on reagents that specifically inhibit hallucinogenic effects, and the molecular mechanism of classical hallucinogens activating the 5-HT2A receptor to induce hallucinogenic effects is still unclear. It is urgent to discover the specific molecular mechanism and target of classical hallucinogens inducing hallucinogenic effects, so as to specifically inhibit hallucinogenic effects and develop drugs that can be used for specific inhibition of hallucinogenic effects. CN115998736A patent first discovered a new use of Y-27632 in the preparation of drugs specifically inhibiting hallucinations, and the application of Y-27632 in specifically inhibiting hallucinations. The specific composition of a drug combination that specifically inhibits hallucinations is:
(1) The effective amount of Y-27632;
(2) Illusions are hallucinations mediated by the 5HT2A receptor;
(3) Buffer: can be Trizma, Bicine, Tricine, MOPS, MOPSO, MOBS, Tris, Hepes, HEPBS, MES, phosphate, carbonate, acetate, citrate, glycolate, lactate, borate.
(4) Carrier: isotonic reagents, antioxidants, suspensions, dispersants, emulsifiers, chelating agents, thickeners, solvents;
(5) Excipients: carbohydrates, polymers, lipids, minerals;
This patent can be used to reduce the side effects and adverse reactions of classic hallucinogens in the treatment or improvement of other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, especially in reducing the hallucinogenic effects caused by classic hallucinogens, which has good application prospects.

CN115998736A The application of Y-27632 in specific inhibition of hallucination.

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