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CAS:29915-38-6| The Application of TAPS in IVD

2024-04-10 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:TAPS
Molecular Formula:C7H17NO6S
Article No.:    S0007
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Trihydroxymethylaminopropanesulfonic acid is a zwitterionic buffering agent that can be used as an important pH stabilizer in biochemical experimental. It is generally mixed with weak acids and their conjugated bases to obtain an appropriate pH value.
Application of TAPS
Monoamine oxidase (MAO) is clinically mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of liver fibrosis. Its activity can reflect the degree of liver fibrosis. The diseases related to liver fibrosis include cirrhosis, acute severe hepatitis, active chronic hepatitis, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. The detection principle used in the monoamine oxidase assay kit is that the MAO in serum catalyzes the production of ammonia from benzylamine in the reagent, and the rate of ammonia production is positively correlated with the activity of monoamine oxidase. The generated ammonia, under the action of glutamate dehydrogenase (GLDH), is related to α- Ketoglutarate reacts to generate glutamic acid, while consuming nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) in the reagent to generate NAD+. This indicates a positive correlation between NADH and the activity of monoamine oxidase. Due to the absorption peak of NADH at 340nm, the activity of MAO in the sample can be calculated by measuring the rate of change in absorbance at 340nm wavelength.
At present, most of the monoamine oxidase assay kits on the market are single or dual reagents, and there are problems with the long-term stability of the reagents; Moreover, the linear range of most reagents on the market can only reach 100U/L, and the precision is also poor when testing low value samples. Therefore, CN117551738A patent has developed a detection reagent for monoamine oxidase. The detection reagent includes the first reagent (blood ammonia scavenger, chelating agent, metal salt, surfactant, and protective agent) and the second reagent (chelating agent, surfactant, and benzylamine), specifically:
The first reagent includes 50mmol/L TAPS, 0.5g/L proclin300, 3.0g/L EDTA, 5.0g/L F-127, 10g/L NaCl, 10g/L glucan 10, 10g/L mannitol, 3.0g/L α- Disodium ketoglutarate, 0.4g/L NADH, 1.0g/L ADP-K, 5kU/L glutamate dehydrogenase (GLDH);
The second reagent includes 50mmol/L HEPES, 0.5g/L proclin300, 30mmol/L benzylamine, 3.0g/L EDTA-2K, 5.0g/L AMPHITOL 20HD.
This patent uses surfactants to disperse and mix the components of the detection reagent with the substance to be tested in the sample, thereby improving the low precision and linear range of the detection reagent; By adding protective agents, the stability of the detection process of monoamine oxidase can be enhanced, which can effectively improve the thermal breakdown stability at 37 ℃ and the oscillation stability at 42 ℃ during the detection process of monoamine oxidase.

CN117551738A A detection reagent, preparation method, and reagent kit for monoamine oxidase.

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