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CAS:21806-61-1| The Application of PST in Building Materials

2024-04-18 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:PST
CAS: 21806-61-1
Molecular Formula:C3H4O3S
Article No.:B0069
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
1,3-propylsulfonic acid lactone is a sulfonic acid ester compound mainly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry, and can also be used as an additive in electrolytes.
Application of PST
Concrete is a widely used building material. However, when concrete encounters low temperatures, it may lose its strength and even crack due to issues such as water freezing and expansion, freeze-thaw cycles, and the presence of doped materials. At present, antifreeze agents are often added to concrete during construction to improve its frost resistance. However, commonly used antifreeze agents such as calcium chloride and sodium chloride can accelerate corrosion of concrete, thereby damaging its durability. Therefore, the CN117049828A patent provides a method for preparing antifreeze concrete. The specific steps are as follows:
After mixing cement, admixtures, and aggregates, first add half of the water and concrete antifreeze, mix for 1 minute, then add talcum powder, and then continue to add the other half of the water and non-ionic dispersant, mix evenly. The weight ratio of cement, admixtures, aggregates, and water is 800:30:1326:426.
The antifreeze consists of five parts: triethanolamine, air entraining agent, polycarboxylate type water reducer, potassium carbonate, and antifreeze microcapsules. The air entraining agents include sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, chitosan porous microcarriers, and modified thickeners. The raw materials for preparing modified thickeners include non-ionic cellulose ether hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether, N, N-dimethyldodecylamine, propenyl-1,3-sulfonic acid lactone, and glycerides.

CN117049828A  A type of antifreeze concrete and its preparation method.

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