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CAS:21806-61-1| The Application of PST in Sealing Materials

2024-04-25 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:PST
Molecular Formula:C3H4O3S
Article No.:B0069
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
1,3-propylsulfonic acid lactone is a sulfonic acid ester compound mainly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry, and can also be used as an additive in electrolytes.
Application of PST
Polyurethane sealant is an engineering material used for the installation, filling and bonding of building doors and windows, as well as waterproofing and anti-seepage of roofs. The packaging form is aerosol, and when used, the content is sprayed onto the gap between the door and window and the wall through a conduit by pressing the valve. The content undergoes polymerization reaction under the moisture in the air, generating porous polyurethane elastomer to achieve sealing and bonding effects. It is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and convenient building material that can be used for sealing, filling gaps, fixing and bonding, insulation and sound insulation. It is especially suitable for sealing and waterproofing between plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls, and is becoming more and more widely used. However, the existing polyurethane sealant has a slow curing speed and poor sealing effect after filling, which affects the construction quality.Therefore, the CN116693805A patent provides a polyurethane sealing material and its preparation method. The specific preparation steps are as follows:
Polyurethane sealing materials include the first component and the second component. The first component includes polyoxyethylene ether, isocyanate, and ethylene glycol; The second component includes polyether polyols, polyester polyols, dibutyl phthalate, potassium isooctanoate, isooctanoic acid, curing agents, flame retardants, and thickeners.
The raw materials for the preparation of curing agents include 2,2-dimethylolpropionic acid, glycerol, propenyl-1,3-sulfonic acid lactone, and catalysts.
The present invention can significantly improve the curing speed of polyurethane sealing materials by adding a curing agent with a specific structure. The curing speed is fast at room temperature, and the workability can be improved. The crack sealing effect is excellent.

CN116693805A  A polyurethane sealing material and its preparation method and applicationt.

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